Creating A Bullet Resistant Knight Rider

If a hyper-intelligent car is your main tool for thwarting criminals, it is vital that it be bulletproof or your career may be cut short. Although you don’t want heavy armor panels to stop your hyper-intelligent vehicle from being super-fast and high-performance.
The latest version of the Knight Rider car solves this problem using nanotech magic. However, the original Knight Rider used a bullet-resistant coating. This was the formula for some of their most memorable episodes (The Goliath episodes).
Knight Rider" Goliath Returns (TV Episode 1984) - IMDb                                                                             
Although science took another 15 years to develop the bullet-proof coating, ArmorThane was able to make it a reality with their polyurea protective coating. ArmorLiner, their latest advanced and innovative variant of this coating product is a spray-on polyurea coating that makes walls virtually indestructible. Once applied they become bullet/blast resistant and ready to take on any situation.
It was tested by the U.S. Air Force on a typical quicky-build military structure. They were amazed at how well it held up to explosions. Polyurea could not be damaged by the 1,000 pounds of TNT that were required to do so. Some Facts about Fast-Setting Polyurea Spray Coatings
Smash Lab, a Discovery Channel program, tested a polyurea coating on two trucks. One truck had the coating, and one did not. (Although Rhino Liner is a competitor to ArmorThane, it is very similar in chemical makeup.) They then set off five pounds worth of “industrial explosives” underneath the truck’s rear axle. The truck-bed that was left uncoated was shredded and scattered across the desert test site. The liner deflected the blast to the front of the truck and destroyed the cab.  It makes sense to coat KITT with the stuff and have a bulletproof car. You can paint over it to give KITT a sleek and shiny appearance.



Bullet Proof Bedliner: Why ArmorLiner Is The Ultimate Liner
ArmorLiner is opaque so traditional bulletproof windows will be required. Then there is the issue of the underbody. It is easier to repair cars that are open at the bottom. Coating every part of the car’s bottom would require cutting through the material every time an item needed to be repaired or checked. It is more likely that KITT has a large metal shield running along the underbody. Sarah Graiman and Bonnie would need to take it off in order to make repairs. When fixing-it scenes are being shot, I imagine that a long shielding piece shaped like KITT is leaning against the wall. It’s possible that Billy will knock it over.
Show News: Knight Rider’s future has been covered in a lot of news lately. The show was first picked up for a full season. After that, the entire season was cut by four episodes. NBC also decided to eliminate three characters: Carrie Rivai and Alex Torres. Future episodes will bear a closer resemblance with the original series, where KITT assists in finding terrorists and criminals. Although it is not clear whether the show will be canceled, there are some signs.