For years many companies and governments worldwide have adjudicated to develop better ways to protect human lives and physical property from blast threats.

The damage caused by blasts and the resulting energy shock waves can cause disastrous losses. Modern chemistry and the innovative R&D team at ArmorThane have produced several solutions to help blast protection and combat these catastrophic events.


Protecting the protectors

¬†ArmorThane’s UltraBlast high strength Polyurea coatings provide superior blast mitigation and ballistic protection to military and civilian entities globally.

ArmorThane originally developed these groundbreaking polymer coatings with the United States military in mind. After years of R&D and constant development of the technology, ArmorThane is proud to offer industry, cutting-edge, blast resistance solutions that help save human lives and protect property.

Contact them today to learn more about how ArmorThane’s advanced Polyurea coatings provide superior blast and ballistic protection.

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