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A Polyurea Coating that protects structures up to 20x Explosion Forces

For years numerous companies and governments around the world have tried to come up with better ways to protect human lives and physical property from
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Creating A Bullet Resistant Knight Rider

If a hyper-intelligent car is your main tool for thwarting criminals, it is vital that it be bulletproof or your career may be cut short.
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Ballistic Protection With Polyurea

People have tried to protect themselves against projectiles for centuries. This evolved from Hand-held shields made from stretched leather and wooden frames to complete wooden shields. Eventually to
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US Military Research Shows Polyurea slows bullets, blast fragments and protects against corrosion

Major corrosion problems faced by Amphibious Assault Vehicles (AAVs) in the United States Marine Corps could be solved with polyurea. As the U.S. Marine Corps
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ArmorThane Simulates Explosions In Order To Advance The Coatings Industry

After an explosion, the first few microseconds are the most important moments for ArmorThane, because that’s when the first hint of damage occurs to nearby
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Current Blast Mitigation Solutions

  While we can’t avoid explosions and bomb blasts completely, building owners and other stakeholders can use various strategies to reduce the impacts of such
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